Why Do People Love Antiques?

The tastes of people of disparate things, maybe some people do not like the stuff of classic, old, outdated. But some people just the opposite, until maniac on the old stuff though to get it often have to spend much money.

As human social beings can not live alone, needs other helps, we can use our hands, able to communicate with others, and increase our ability, has an instinct that mutual help, solidarity and tolerance and sympathy and empathy toward others, all of the events certainly made an impression on our head to be a memories, whether it’s good or otherwise memories. Sometimes memories come as flashback to us with something that we had couple years ago, like a picture or something specials.


Antiques it actually is old stuff or vintage that is around us or unconsciously stored in the garage or house barn to be like “treasure”.

Could be, furniture and fixtures in the house saved or still displayed on the walls of houses, but many homeowners for some reason the replacement or renovation furniture or belongings in the house, either because of limited functions and benefits, or because they think the goods or the furnishings have been classified as old-fashioned or outmoded.
Well, that’s .. secondhand goods, old stuff, antique, legacy items, vintage items or whatever his name is what kept the charm of antique in the future.

Old Motorcycle

Indeed, at this time would be troublesome and need a place to store them, care for them and wait for these items have a return value. Well .. that’s the problem.

4 Way to make thrift into antiques.
  • KEEP. Keep all goods complete that you think have a memory or a taste in appropriate warehouse, in order not to interfere the view of your home or your comfort.
  • MAINTAIN. These old stuff also need to be maintain although not routine, in order to maintain the condition, to avoid from damages and maintain the function.
  • WAIT.  What and who should wait? Certainly wait for the collectors infatuated with antiques.
  • PUBLICATION.  Publish it, because it’s time for the antique stuff to be known.


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